Drive-In Chamber for Testing Automotive AirBags

XTEMP designed and installed a special Drive-In Testing chamber for an Airbag testing deployment center, enabling an increase of 150% in testing capacity.

Airbag testing is a crucial aspect of automotive safety testing, aimed at ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of airbag systems in vehicles.

The primary purpose of airbag testing is to evaluate the performance of airbag systems in various crash scenarios. This includes assessing factors such as deployment time, deployment force, inflation rate, and overall effectiveness in mitigating injuries to vehicle occupants during collisions.

Chamber Specifications

Volume 54m³

Temperature range -40℃ to 95℃

Rate of Change at 1 ℃/min

9 Viewing Windows at 1000 x 1500mm

Dry Air purging system

CLIMATS Machinery and SPIRALE Vision Control system

Filter Bypass and Extractor System

Airbag testing chamber

Temperature conditioning is important in airbag testing for several reasons:

  1. Real-World Simulation: Vehicles are subjected to a wide range of temperatures in real-world conditions, from extreme heat to cold. Temperature conditioning ensures that airbag systems are tested under conditions that mimic those encountered on the road, enhancing the realism and accuracy of the testing process.
  2. Material Performance: Temperature can affect the performance of materials used in airbag systems, such as the fabrics, plastics, and metals involved in airbag deployment mechanisms. Conditioning the airbag system to different temperatures allows engineers to assess how these materials behave and perform under varying environmental conditions.
  3. Inflation Dynamics: Temperature will impact the inflation dynamics of airbags, including the rate of inflation, the pressure inside the airbag, and the consistency of inflation across different temperatures. Testing airbag systems at different temperatures helps ensure that they deploy reliably and effectively under a range of conditions.
Xtemp Airbag Chamber

Xtemp Airbag Chamber

Testing/Deploying airbags inside the chamber allows for precise control over temperature conditions, ensuring that the airbag is subjected to the desired temperature range without external influences. This control enhances the reliability and repeatability of the test results.

Xtemp Airbag Chamber

Special-designed windows allow a clear view of the Unit under test at any temperature.

Deploying airbags inside the chamber at the conditioned temperature offers advantages in terms of accuracy, control, safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred approach for airbag testing in controlled laboratory environments.