Spirale 3 Piloting Software now standard with Xtemp Walk-In Climatic Test Chamber

Spirale 3 is a reliable and accurate system, a complete software package, adapted to testing equipment and maintenance user requirements. Spirale 3 is also a completely open system that can be used for developing automatic functions and integrating data and additional data acquisition systems, to make your Chamber a fully integrated test bench.

Control panel with 3 user levels You choose the most suitable interface:production, laboratory, advanced tests.

Control system integrating the reference M.M.I. (Man-Machine Interface)

Your control panel and all of the components (test manager, program editor, etc.) benefit from remarkable ergonomics: a new user interface, instantaneous multilingual switch, ease of use, attention to detail and optimized design for use of the touch screen.

Numerous configuration options. Access to these options and to the equipment commands can be controlled by nine password levels. In this new version of Spirale 3, our program editor has a number of improvements, a modernized user interface and includes a touch screen: you can now draw your profiles with your finger or a stylus. Spirale 3 includes a user-friendly and complete test manager for accurate and easy traceability. Editing statistics, exporting data and analyzing information (rates, stability) is quick and easy.

You can create your own developments or submit them to us: automatic
functions or specific safety functions, transform your Chamber into a fully integratedtest bench.
A Spirale 3 exclusive feature, Chamber remote control is as easy as creating a shortcuton Windows desktop and you don’t need to install any software on your desktop PC. A built-in web server checks your equipment’s status using any Internet browser. If the equipment alarm is activated or at the end of a test, Spirale automatically tells you by sending a message.
This solution quite simply lets you manage all of your equipment, new and old, from a single workstation. Monitoring tools, profile creation,test report printing and email or SMS alarm setting functions are therefore available for all of your testing equipment.

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