Next-generation Power Analysis and Power Quality Testing Solutions

We offer innovative data acquisition instruments for power analysis and power quality with 0.03% accuracy for high voltage and AC/DC current measurement. Our power and power quality analyzers can be used for any power-based test and measurement application. Flexible, robust, and highly accurate DAQ hardware with easy-to-use DAQ software from innovative power and power quality analysis never experienced before.

Power analyzer

Our instruments are much more than just standard power meters. A wide range of extra supported inputs for temperature, vibration, strain, load sensors, as well as support for digital interfaces like counters, encoders, CAN, CAN FD, GPS, Inertial Navigation, and Video offer a perfect data recording and analysis solution for electric and hybrid vehicle testing, batteries, and other electrical components.



The Dewesoft Power Analyzer is not only the smallest power analyzer in the world, but it’s also the most powerful one. The flexible hardware platform combined with powerful software features gives unique testing possibilities for any kind of electrical measurement.

Dewesoft power analyzers can accurately measure direct high-voltage and current signals but do not stop there. They can also measure vibration, temperature, GPS/GNSS, CAN bus, video, and many other data fully synchronized.

More Than Just a Power Analyzer

The Dewesoft power meters have many advantages compared to conventional power analyzers. They provide the most flexible solution for power analysis and electrical power and mechanical power measurements. Combined with the power quality analyzer capabilities it is a perfect solution. Major advantages of our power analyzer are:

  • Combination of multiple products in a single device: power analyzer, combustion analyzer, oscilloscope, raw data logger, spectrum analyzer, CAN logger, etc.
  • Synchronous acquisition of all data: electrical data, mechanical data, vehicle bus data, positioning data, video, etc.
  • Data storage in one system and one data file format.
  • Combined power analysis and raw data storing.
  • Live, online, and real-time power calculation (1ms values).
  • Enhanced power quality analysis.
  • Any number and type of input channels: voltage, current, IEPE/ICP, strain, thermocouple, RTD, CAN, etc.
  • Modular and mobile measurement system with SSD storage, fast CPU processor, integrated display, and batteries for stand-alone use.
  • Additional sensor software calibration.

All these features provide a comprehensive power analysis system within one measurement device. No more complications with data synchronization, visualization, storage, or data comparison. The Dewesoft power analyzer solves all these problems.

High Precision Power Analysis

Dewesoft DAQ systems are unique due to the powerful software which combines the functionality of multiple devices packed into compact, flexible, and rugged hardware.

For power analysis, highly-accurate amplifiers are unquestionably necessary. The SIRIUS high-speed amplifiers integrated into the high and low voltage inputs reach new dimensions in measurement accuracy. These amplifiers possess a basic accuracy from DC to 1 kHz of 0,03% of reading. This is unique in the power analyzer market, especially for variable frequency drives where it is absolutely necessary to reach the highest possible accuracy for all measurements.

Other manufacturers often have high accuracies at 50/60 Hz but the accuracies above and below these frequency spectrums leave a lot to be desired. Please refer to the grey line in the chart.

power measurement schematic

Different Power Analysis Wiring Schematics

The Dewesoft X data acquisition software provides a visual selection of the different wiring schematics and provides power calculations for all possible connections.

The following predefined power schematics are available: 

  • direct current,
  • single-phase,
  • two-phase,
  • star connection,
  • delta connection,
  • V connection,
  • Aron connection, and
  • a combined star/delta connection.

All of these connections can be measured with or without currents. Dewesoft has the ability to analyze 6, 7, 9, or 12-phase motors due to the modular construction of our measurement devices and multiple synchronized power modules in our powerful software.

To learn more about each connection please navigate to Dewesoft Power Analysis free online training or Dewesoft Power Manual.

Multiple Power System Calculations In Parallel

It is possible to simultaneously measure multiple power systems with a single device. E.g. with the Dewesoft R8D DAQ system up to 8 x 3-phase systems can be measured completely synchronous.

Additionally, it is also possible to perform analysis at different frequencies (DC, 50Hz, variable frequency, etc.) and wiring schematics (1-phase, 3-phase, etc.). Any additional mechanical values like torque, speed, noise, temperature, and vibration can also be measured fully synchronized and analyzed.

Typical configurations and applications

  • Motor & inverter testing: 3x 3-phase AC power (var. frequency)
  • E-mobility: 4x 3-phase AC power (var. frequency), 6x DC power.
  • Aircraft: 5x 3-phase AC power (400 Hz), 1x 1-phase AC power (50 Hz), 5x DC power.
  • Marine: 7x 3-phase AC power (50 Hz), 4x 1-phase AC power (50 Hz), 1x DC power.
  • Railway: 1x 3-phase AC power (50 Hz), 3x 1-phase AC power (16.7 Hz), 3x DC power.

Frequency Source Selection

Dewesoft power analyzer and power meters allow the user to choose the frequency source for the measurement. The measurement frequency source can be either:

  • voltage,
  • current, or
  • an external frequency source.

This is a very helpful feature, especially when performing measurements on an inverter. Due to the PWM modulated voltage signal, the correct period of time can often not be determined correctly.

The current signal is much less distorted because of the high inductance in the motor coil.

Therefore, more often than not it’s better to use the current signal as a frequency source with inverter measurements. This feature ensures correct frequency determination for every application.

All-in-one Power analyzer

Power Analysis Applications

With the increasing demand for energy efficiency more and more electrical equipment needs to be tested.

Dewesoft offers a very flexible power analyzer solution that can be used for almost all power analysis applications. Here are a few under the scope:

You can also read LED testing application note for more details on how the Dewesoft power analyzer is used for LED light power and efficiency testing.