The Drive-In Climatic Chamber with Vibration system (4 poster)
The 4-poster Vibration system was combined with the climatic test chamber which enables the simulation of various climates. The Climatic Chamber can reach temperatures between  -40 ̊C and +60 ̊C and controls humidity from 5 % up to 95 %. It can change temperature at a speed of 1 ̊C per minute (with vehicle), which enables testing at Nordic winter temperatures in the hot South African summer after only 1 hour in the chamber.


This system can provide 41 KN per actuator with an amplitude of 250 mm at the wheels. It is a simple drive on platform which reduces set up time by 90 % and allows analysis to be carried out on the complete vehicle, including the suspension, which was lacking on the previous system.

The system is able to learn real road profiles and play them back; simulating the road to within 5 % error. This is extremely valuable as it ensures defect reproducibility between the plant’s rattle track and the test stand which saves time during analysis.

The most advanced technology

Spirale Vision is the reference software solution for controlling this environmental test chambers and test benches worldwide.

Spirale Vision is a reliable and accurate system, a complete software package, adapted to testing equipment and maintenance user requirements.

Control panel with 3 user levels

You choose the most suitable interface: production, laboratory, advanced tests.

Your control panel and all of the components (test manager, program editor, etc.) benefit from remarkable ergonomics: a new user interface, instantaneous multilingual switch, ease of use, attention to detail and optimised design for use of the touch screen.


Technical Features of Test Chamber

Temperature range

from +60°C to -40°C

Speed variation

1°C/min average within the range (with vehicle load)


from 5% to 95% humidity within the temperature

range from +5°C to +60°C,


ventilation rate variator to reach 0,5m/s to 1.5m/s inside the test volume

Temperature homogeneity below 1°C

(carried out with 9 x PT100 probes set at 50 cm from the walls)

Temperature regulation below 0.2°C after stabilization

Humidity regulation in the region of 1% after stabilization


HC- and CO-monitoring

HC- and CO-Sensors in the climatic chamber. Sensors are fed by a measuring gas tempering device (suction point at sensor area), so that they are not inside the climate chamber and not exposed to the temperature and climate conditions.

Alert: Optical and acoustic signals in climate chamber and control room at >20% explosion/risk limit

In case of emergency the system continuously intake fresh air, flushing the chamber volume.

The flushing air to be piped out to the atmosphere Automatic when activation of E-stop.

Temperature monitoring in climate chamber tmin/tmax, with separate sensor and limit adjustment

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